Device Status

Enter your device identifier to check your device status and balances.
You may enter the phone number, ESN, MEID or IMEI of the device.

What is a device identifier?

A device identifier can be any one of the numbers below. You only need to enter one of these numbers.

  • Phone number: This is the phone number assigned to your device, it may also be called Mobile, Mobile Number, MDN, MTN. The phone number should be 10 numbers in length. Example: 555-123-4567
  • ESN or MEID (Dec): This is one of your device's serial numbers, it will be 11 or 18 digits long and include only numbers. Example: 09101234567 or 256691485712345678
  • ESN or MEID (Hex): This is another one of your device's serial numbers but in a different format. This number will be 9 or 14 digits in length, containing letters and numbers. Example: 5BD12ABC or 99000329123456
  • IMEI: This is a device serial number unique to Verizon devices. This number will be 15 digits long and will contain only numbers. Example: 990000560123456